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Clouded by Emotion Paperback

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The Holy Spirit is not difficult to understand. Unfortunately, what many people believe about the Holy Spirit and miracles isn’t in the Bible.

I was confused for many years about the Holy Spirit because I sought answers from church leaders, the internet, experiences, and my feelings. They all gave me conflicting answers. Sound familiar? Finally, I did what I should have done from the beginning—open the Bible and study deeply. And what I found surprised me. Perhaps you’ll be surprised too!

In Clouded by Emotion, you’ll discover the Bible’s answers to your questions about:

  • The identity of the Holy Spirit (who or what?)
  • Baptism with the Holy Spirit (should I ask for this today?)
  • Speaking in tongues (you might be surprised!)
  • Being filled with the Holy Spirit (a blessing or a command?)
  • How to listen to the Spirit (it’s easier than you think!)
  • Miraculous gifts today (which ones are genuine?)
  • And more (so much more!)

Each of the thirteen chapters ends with discussion questions and access to a short video for Bible classes and personal devotion.

Let’s study! —Lance

Lance Mosher has a Master’s Degree in ministry and has been teaching the Bible privately and publicly in multiple countries since 2009. 

“Lance moves from student to teacher as he tackles the challenging and beautiful topic of the Holy Spirit’s actions in our lives—and does so with grace and an open Bible.” —Jeremy Jinkerson, PhD

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From the back cover:

How many times have you asked questions about the Holy Spirit and miracles? How often were you given conflicting answers? Maybe it’s because you’ve done what Lance did for a while—he asked friends, preachers, and the internet. Why do these important topics seem so confusing? It’s because the study of the Holy Spirit and miracles has been...


Let’s ask the Scriptures.

Lance shares his findings from God’s word in this easy-to-follow book. In Clouded by Emotion, the Bible lifts the clouds and answers questions on the identity of the Holy Spirit, the qualities and purposes of miracles, reports of miracles today, baptism with the Holy Spirit, apostolic succession, the gift of tongues, blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, the leading of the Holy Spirit, and more.

What questions about God’s Spirit do you have?

"A thorough examination of the Holy Spirit is a tremendous faith-building lesson when done properly. Lance aptly addresses each aspect with a careful handling of Scripture. He makes it simple to understand while providing relevant application." —Nathan Franson, Preacher and Author

"Lance Mosher has written a thoughtful and well-organized overview of this important subject. The reader will benefit from the lessons and their strong connection to the text of Scripture." —Dr. Mark Blackwelder, Dean of the College of Biblical Studies, Freed-Hardeman University

"Clouded by Emotion is a fine piece of work. Seldom have I read a work like this that was as easy to read and gentle in its approach on a difficult subject." —Chuck Horner, Bible Instructor

"Through gripping accounts of encounters with others on insights and status for beliefs, this book moves the reader to reflection upon reason the course of one’s pursuit for matters of the Holy Spirit. It advocates the necessity of the source whereby comes the standard of measure for truth, peeling back any layers of obstruction." —Dora Lavea, Christian

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